Project: Lucerne Day, NSW

Lucerne Day wetland is a privately owned wetland adjacent to the Murray River, approximately 57km west of Wentworth in south-western NSW. It is strategically located within a broader floodplain wetland landscape between the Lake Victoria and Moorna/Wangumma blocks of land that form the Tar-Ru Lands.The wetland is approximately 7ha and supports River Redgum, black box woodlands, lignum shrubland and open water.

Project purpose:

Project timeline:

The landholder at Lucerne Day wants to see the wetlands full of frogs and birds, and the trees and shrubs in a healthy state.  Water has been delivered over several years from various agencies, including the Environmental Water Trust, NSW Office of Environment and Heritage, and the Commonwealth Environmental Water Holder.

Since September/October 2017 with on-going watering activities for next 10 years.

Our approach

The Group is working with the landholder and adjacent Wingillie Station Managers to deliver water to Lucerne Day wetland over spring. The aim is to bring back the normal ‘wet, then dry’ regime, which is the key to a productive and health wetland on these floodplains.


Through careful management of the water levels, we have successfully increased the number and type of ducks, cormorants and herons visiting and foraging in the wetland. More frogs also appeared and quickly began breeding amongst the new wetland plants. 

River red gums inundated at Wetland 793
Water delivery via a pump at Lucerne Day
Water improving vegetation health at Wetland 793

Our Partners:

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Sascha Healy, Senior Environmental Water Manager
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