What we do

We work with you to:

    • Solve wetland and biodiversity loss on private and public property
    • Deliver and manage water to wetlands
    • Improve our understanding of the role wetlands play
    • Integrate management of wetlands and rivers

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  • Provide management expertise with wetlands
  • Engage with community, landholders, government and business
  • Provide access to resources and expertise

Our approach

Throughout its’ 25 year history, the Group has developed a legacy of research, community engagement and on-ground delivery that has attracted regional, national and international recognition. We have maintained our presence in the Murray-Darling Basin through our leadership and innovation, and subsequently influenced government policies and processes. At the on-ground level, we continue to be identified as ‘problem solvers’, and a group that ‘gets things done’. In both government and the broader community, we are regarded as a trusted group to work with.

We have delivered hundreds of projects that have helped to rehabilitate wetlands on public and private property across the Murray-Darling Basin, benefiting the environment and community. We build relationships and partnerships through a collaborative, participatory process, and we use the best available knowledge to determine what is possible and achievable.

Carrs Capitts and Bunberoo Creeks.
Pollen Creek, Gayini (Nimmie Caira)
Pink-eared Duck, Doodle Comer Swamp, Henty. Photo credit: Bernard Clark
Bunberoo Creek.

The Group has now entered a new phase with the establishment of an Environmental Water Trust in partnership with The Nature Conservancy Australia. The success of the new model will depend on us building on our existing relationships and trusted networks.

We are committed to:

Working with landholders to establish their vision for wetlands
Voluntary action – we go where we are wanted and invited
Seeking common objectives for management, based on sound science

How we can help

Environmental Water delivery:

Since 2000, we have delivered over 77,000 megalitres of government and private water to 200 wetlands in New South Wales and Victoria. This experience, coupled with owning infrastructure such as pumps and having access to environmental water, means we can help you deliver water to wetlands on your property. Our experience tells us that every water delivery project is different, but they still share many common challenges. We can help you identify the risks, and together, we can help you find practical, working solutions to the challenges that are unique to your wetland site.

Project management & implementation:

We can help you implement wetland management plans and activities, including restoration, water management, monitoring, community consultation and government negotiation. We will work with you in a collaborative way, and connect you with other resources and partnerships that will lead to even greater outcomes.


We can deliver small workshops to community groups and Aboriginal communities that will help you identify what is important about your wetland, your values and your vision for its future. We can provide ‘road maps’ to assist you with the complicated government procedures required to fulfill your vision. By learning how to do this yourself, you will be more able to take ownership of the outcomes you want to achieve, and to show others how to get there.

See an example of one of our workshops here.

Advice & consulting:

We can help you understand how your wetland could be managed to achieve your vision. This might be assisting you to develop management plans, including how to water wetlands and how to monitor plants, birds and animals. It might also be helping you to negotiate the tricky path for gaining government approvals to do what you want to do, and to understand the type of logistics involved. Whatever the issue, we work with you to provide clear, strategic thinking, and use robust processes to plan wetland rehabilitation and management.

“I think it’s critical that landowners have an organisation like Murray Darling Wetlands Working Group there to help them maintain these wetlands.”

– Ken Warren, Wingillie Station

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